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Milford Hall Hotel, 206 Castle Street, Salisbury, SP1 3TE

Milford Hall Hotel We passed several b&b's on the way up Castle Street and there were plenty to choose from in the town. We hadn't booked anythiing and were planning to drive back home late at night if nothing was available. But virtually all the hotels and b&bs had vacancies, but as it was nearing 9pm we decided the Milford Hall Hotel we passed which had a large customer car park and a 4 star AA rating advertised on the front was worth a try.

It was certainly a nice looking hotel and had a nice atmoshere/feel about the place. We were charged £90 for a large double room for 2 and breakfast, which we found very comfortable with a soft plushy carpet, soft cuddly toy and really nice soft fluffy white cotton dressing gowns. The room also had a TV and an air-conditioner. The bathroom was clean and a nice size. They left out Pascal Morabito Paris, toiletries which were simple and unperfumed. I forgot my toothbrush, so I thought about asking if they did disposable toothbrushes and toothpaste, like they give out on airlines sometimes....I decided against asking, but this small detail would have been greatly appreciated.

We had a kettle and a selection of drinks in our room as well a cafetiere and sachet of Cafe Du Monde (, in our room, which we were greatly impressed by as we like a good cup of coffee.

The bed had Eygptian cotton sheets and the mattress was really comfortable, plus it was so lovely quiet, that I got a good nights sleep. As the window overlooked the carpark and was set back from the main road (which wasn't very busy anyway), this helped.

We also had a lovely English breakfast in the breakfast room in the morning and the mushrooms were not rock hard like they have been in other places. There was a wide choice of porridge/cereal/fruit juice/toast and you could also order certain options to be cooked separately for you like omelete, kippers.

It was one of the best hotels we have stayed in for a long time. We also enjoyed two conjacs in the bar area. The receptionists and all the staff were also very friendly, kind and welcoming and made for a happy atmosphere.

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