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Vibes Kitchen Jamaican cafe

Just had a quick take-away from the new Vibes Jamaican Kitchen cafe in Duke Street, Chelmsford Essex. Chose the jerk chicken with dumplings and some fried plantain on the side.

The gentleman behind the counter produced a huge meat cleaver and chopped up nearly a half a chicken and gave me this with a huge dumpling, a few bits of plantain and a pot of barbeque sauce.

The chicken was well cooked and full of flavour. I think the barbeque sauce had a lot of Encona Hot Pepper Sauce mixed in as it made me sweat after a while. I can highly recommend this place.

King Prawn Dhansak, Papadom

After a busy day and little time to cook, my tastebuds yearned the taste of another king prawn dhansak from Papadom down Viaduct Street. I think perhaps the spices and other ingredientts have better nutrional value than other fast-foods you can buy and my husband loves Indian takeawys best too. So popped to Papadom ( which I'm not sure are listed on,, ....sites for ordering fast food in a hurry.


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