Miller & Carter Sunday evening

By Helen, 4 November, 2012
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Husband and I went out for dinner at Miller & Carters in Chelmer Village ( we have been on several occasions, we did not book a table but there was one available when we turned up at 2pm. Ordered a bottle of sparkling water between the two of us and enjoyed Chateubriand ( between two of us for £41 (we both opted for rare) with onion loaf, chips (served in their customary paper in a bowl), a side bowl of lettuce with sauce (I had mustard and bacon sauce) and a mushroom and wine steak sauce that husband chose and the pepper sauce that I chose. The steak was delicious and we liked the onion loaf a lot. Husband didn't like his wine steak sauce so left half of it untouched and our waiter who was very polite and diligent but rushing a bit, accidentally spilt the wine steak sauce over my new cashmere jumper. He was very apologetic and offered us a free desert, which I opted for Creme Brule (which I've never actually tried anywhere before). I really liked it and it went well with the Chateaubriand.