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Updated: 52 min 38 sec ago

Director of nuisance-calls company ordered to cough up £114k after ignoring £40k fine from UK data watchdog

1 hour 23 min ago
Cost of enforcing IT Protect Ltd's initial penalty more than treble its value... no money yet collected

A director of a company fined £40,000 by the Information Commissioner's Office has himself been ordered to pay out more than £100,000 as part of a long-running collection saga.…

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Groq is hard to grok but reckons its AI chips roq: Ex-Googlers' unorthodox design now shipping to customers

1 hour 50 min ago
5U box can reach up to six quadrillion INT8 calculations per second, it is claimed

Video  Groq, an AI chip startup founded by ex-Googlers, today said it is now shipping its hardware to customers.…

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Xen Project officially ports its hypervisor to Raspberry Pi 4

2 hours 22 min ago
'We were about to embark on an adventure deep in the belly of the memory allocator and Linux address translation layers'

The Xen project has officially ported its hypervisor to the Raspberry Pi – the 64-bit model 4, to be precise.…

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Arm hasn't given up on self-driving car brains – its new Cortex-A78AE is going into Nvidia's Orin chip, for a start

2 hours 53 min ago
Yes, that Nvidia

Arm has teased us with a few details of its previously unseen Cortex-A78AE processor core – set to be the brains of Nvidia's next-gen self-driving car chip.…

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ESXi-on-Arm is real and VMware will use it to run networks, storage, and security on SmartNICs

3 hours 38 min ago
Even third-party software could run there one day, managed by vSphere

VMware has, as The Register predicted, revealed plans to make the Arm-enabled cut of its ESXi hypervisor a proper product and will run it on SmartNICs in an attempt to better serve demanding applications and bring even bare-metal servers under its umbrella.…

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The perils of building a career on YouTube: Guitar teacher's channel nearly deleted after music publisher complains

4 hours 8 min ago
Vid platform has biased its takedown procedures in favour of copyright owners, says lawyer

YouTube broadcaster Gareth Evans, who has 770,000 subscribers for his guitar tutorial channel, had an unwelcome surprise on 28 August.…

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EU's decision on UK data adequacy set to become 'political football' in broader Brexit negotiations

5 hours 8 min ago
There are bigger fish to fry, but policy changes could still scupper a deal

No matter the legal reasoning, an "adequacy" decision to let data flow between the UK and the EU will hinge on the ups and downs of the wider Brexit negotiations, which are entering a tense final phase.…

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Yet another twist for 2020: Google says Android 12 will make it easier to install alternative app stores

5 hours 51 min ago
And, cough, cough, don't forget to use Google Play's billing system

Google on Monday said it intends to make it easier to install alternative app stores on Android devices next year even as it moves to tighten compliance with Google Play payment rules.…

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Ignite your SQL Server with a broken Cumulative Update

6 hours 28 min ago
Plus: All the rest from Microsoft's shindig – it's only wafer-thin

In brief  Rounding out Ignite for all the wrong reasons came news last week that Microsoft had pulled Cumulative Update #7 for its flagship database product, SQL Server 2019.…

Categories: Technology

G'day mate, I'll take two tinnies, a packet of Tim Tams, some Vegemite, and a bork

7 hours 23 min ago
Do you come from a bork down under?

Bork!Bork!Bork!  Bork is going down under today after a Register reader eyeballed Windows doing its worst on a Canberra ATM.…

Categories: Technology

McAfee seeks $2bn return to stock market after Intel unpleasantness

8 hours 24 min ago
Warns investors that big clouds could start to sell native security tools direct to customers and reduce the need for third-party vendors

Security software outfit McAfee has filed to return to the stock market.…

Categories: Technology

Good news: Euro sat spots liquid pools on Mars. Bad news: Under ice, saltier than someone who put last penny into a failed crypto biz

8 hours 59 min ago
ESA also finds planet hot enough to melt iron

Video  Pools of salty liquid surround a larger lake of water hidden beneath a thick crust of ice below the Martian south pole. That's according to findings published in Nature Astronomy on Monday.…

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Square Kilometre Array signs off on construction plans – UK last holdout before building phase begins

9 hours 25 min ago
Now to figure out how to run 100,000-plus antennae and squeeze out 130 petabytes of data each year

The Board of the Square Kilometer Array has signed off on plans to build the colossal radio-telescope.…

Categories: Technology

Wanna get all those PST files off your network and into the cloud? We can help

9 hours 53 min ago
Join us and Quadrotech on September 30 and learn how to finally escape the 1990s

Webcast  Aging file formats are always a pain, but how often do you consider the implications of the seemingly innocuous PST files that may be spread around your organization.…

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Airbus drone broke up in-flight because it couldn’t handle Australian weather

11 hours 21 min ago
‘Zephyr’ is designed to either beam down data or spy for weeks, but lasted about 90 minutes

A drone that Airbus once flew for 25 days without landing and suggests as either an airborne communications platform, or a stratospheric spy, broke up after its automation failed in rougher-than-expected weather.…

Categories: Technology

Japan unveils new scheme to speed up adoption of cashless payments

12 hours 37 min ago
Already curiously slow to get into e-payments, nation hopes avoiding a certain virus will prove an impetus

Japan has launched a new scheme to speed up the adoption of cashless payments .…

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NASAdvertising: Astronauts aboard space station to put on photoshoot for swanky skincare serum

13 hours 58 min ago
'NASA is opening the ISS to business as part of the agency’s efforts to enable a robust low-Earth orbit economy'

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station will become the world's first low-Earth-orbit beauty product photographers – after Estèe Lauder paid NASA $128,136 to peddle its posh anti-wrinkle serum.…

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Amazon bean-counter, her husband, father-in-law cough up $2.6m after SEC collars them on insider-trading rap

15 hours 9 min ago
Criminal charges to follow

An Amazon finance manager has been accused of insider trading, along with her husband and father-in-law who collectively bought and sold Amazon shares based on non-public financial details it is said she leaked to her spouse.…

Categories: Technology

Microsoft? More like: My software goes off... Azure AD, Outlook,, Teams, Authenticator, etc block unlucky folks from logging in

16 hours 27 min ago
Change backed out to no effect – eek

Microsoft's online authentication systems are inaccessible for at least some customers today, locking those subscribers out of tons of Redmond-hosted services if they are not already logged in.…

Categories: Technology

Flying camera drones, cuddly Echo gadgets... it's all a smoke screen for Amazon to lead you gently down the Sidewalk – and you'll probably like it

Mon, 28/09/2020 - 23:35
Right, we own cloud, shipping, what's next? The home

Analysis  You may not want one, but the idea of your own miniature security drone taking off when it senses someone trying to break into your house and doing a tour inside your property, relaying hi-res video to your phone, is so fantastically sci-fi that it’s hard to imagine it will soon be a real product.…

Categories: Technology