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Updated: 9 min 58 sec ago

Russia says software malfunction caused Nauka module to unexpectedly fire thrusters, tilt space station

2 hours 1 min ago
You call this a glitch?

Russia said a "software failure" caused its Nauka module to suddenly and unexpectedly fire its thrusters after docking with the International Space Station this week.…

Categories: Technology

HP Inc slurps Teradici to get better at delivering remote PCs

4 hours 6 min ago
Apparently quite a few people haven't been in the office as much lately

HP Inc has acquired remote PC specialist Teradici.…

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'$6 in every $10' spent on cloud infrastructure is with AWS, Microsoft, or Google

4 hours 54 min ago
Fewer and fewer orgs want to run their own data centre

Spending on cloud infrastructure services shot up by more than a third again as workload migration and cloud native applications development sped up, according to the latest research from Canalys.…

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Here's 30 servers Russian intelligence uses to fling malware at the West, beams RiskIQ

5 hours 46 min ago
Biden-Putin summit went well, then

Details of 30 servers thought to be used by Russia's SVR spy agency (aka APT29) as part of its ongoing campaigns to steal Western intellectual property were made public today by RiskIQ.…

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Google picked as yet another 'strategic partner' for SAP's RISE but Microsoft still lingers on the scene

6 hours 40 min ago
German software giant's relationships are anything but exclusive

SAP has linked arms with Google in the latest dosey doe with the cloud infrastructure market.…

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UK regulator waves through SK Hynix's $9bn acquisition of Intel's NAND and SSD biz

7 hours 27 min ago
Number of 'strong remaining competitors' within the market planning expansions of their own, says CMA

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has given the thumbs-up to SK Hynix's agreed $9bn purchase of Intel's NAND and SSD businesses, ruling that the buyout would have no negative impact on local purchasers.…

Categories: Technology

Happy 60th, Sinclair Radionics: We'll remember you for your revolutionary calculators and crap watches

8 hours 9 min ago
ZX Spectrum was pretty cool too

It is 60 years since the founding of Sinclair Radionics, a forerunner of Sinclair Research and responsible for some nifty calculators and a not-so-nifty watch.…

Categories: Technology

Telefónica's cloud limb slurps Cancom's UK&I biz to cash in on Brit enterprise tech market

8 hours 40 min ago
There's a tasty NHS contract in there

Telefónica Tech – the cybersecurity and cloud wing of the Spanish-owned telecoms giant – has forked out €398m (£340m) to German outfit Cancom Group's UK and Ireland operations.…

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Contractors argue umbrella companies need improved regulation, not outright ban

9 hours 9 min ago
Trades Union Congress proposals miss the point, say campaigners

Contractors have described a UK union's call to ban umbrella companies as unworkable, leading to a greater void in the under-regulated market and making outsourced workers vulnerable.…

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On this most auspicious of days, we ask: How many sysadmins does it take to change a lightbulb?

9 hours 55 min ago
Protip: Don't treat the IT department like this if you value your life

Today is System Administrator Appreciation Day so enjoy this Reg reader's story of just what these brave individuals have to put up with.…

Categories: Technology

London class-action sueball against Google is a lot like Epic's case except fandroids might win enough for a pint

10 hours 40 min ago
Hundreds of millions in damages, Play Store in the sights etc. etc.

Yet another anti-Big Tech group litigation lawsuit has been launched in London. This time it's targeting Google, claims to be on behalf of 19 million Android users, seeks up to £920m in damages, and pretty much mirrors Epic Games' lawsuit against the Chocolate Factory over app store charges.…

Categories: Technology

Ordinary salaried Brits: Sweet! Payday! Banking giant HSBC: Oh no it isn't

11 hours 20 min ago
Customers hacked off as online and mobile service wobbles

HSBC has confirmed it is experiencing problems with its online and mobile banking operations after customers took to social media to complain about the lack of service.…

Categories: Technology

What to do with our leftover Saturn V Lego? Why, build another rocket, of course

12 hours 9 min ago
This time the Saturn 1B

We ventured back into the world of plastic bricks this week with the building of a Saturn 1B to add to our growing rocket garden.…

Categories: Technology

You MUST present your official ID (but only the one that's really easy to fake)

12 hours 55 min ago
I can show you my Three Widths swimming certificate if it helps

Something for the Weekend, Sir?  As I leave the premises face-first, my ears ring with those oh-so-familiar parting words: "…and never darken our doors again!"…

Categories: Technology

Intel scoops out five flavours of Ice Lake Xeons for workstations

14 hours 11 min ago
They're good for stuff like supporting 4TB of RAM and PCIe 4.0

Intel's ten-nanometre Ice Lake architecture has landed in Xeon processors for workstations.…

Categories: Technology

Malware and Trojans, but there's only one horse the boss man wants to hear about

14 hours 40 min ago
The company's IT might be on fire, but my needs trump those of the many

On Call  A call from the executive floor is rarely a harbinger of happiness, especially when one is wading knee-deep through the molasses of malware. Welcome to one Register reader's experience in On Call.…

Categories: Technology

AWS growing so fast its revenue makes it bigger than Cisco or HP

15 hours 12 min ago
Nobody wants to run their own data centers anymore, says CFO has released its Q2 2021 earnings, and revealed that revenue from its cloud business Amazon Web Services has jumped 37 per cent to an annualized rate of $59 billion – a figure that takes it past Cisco's annual revenue and puts it within striking distance of Lenovo.…

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We can't believe people use browsers to manage their passwords, says maker of password management tools

15 hours 43 min ago
You just save it in Chrome or Firefox? Ugh. And then it autofills when you need it again? Oh the horror

It seems some of us are, in the year of our lord 2021, still reusing the same password for multiple sites, plugging personal gear into work networks, and perhaps overly relying on browser-managed passwords, judging from this poll.…

Categories: Technology

Giant Tesla battery providing explosion in renewable energy – not as intended

17 hours 23 min ago
Toxic smoke from fire forces Australian residents indoors just two days after COVID lockdown lifted

Tesla's battery technology is extremely hot in Australia right now – but not in a good way. A 300-megawatt lithium-ion battery built in the state of Victoria using Tesla tech is literally on fire.…

Categories: Technology

<i>The Register</i> just found 300-odd Itanium CPUs on eBay

18 hours 3 min ago
We mention this because Intel stopped shipping them yesterday, ending a strange story

Intel has stopped shipping the Itanium CPU.…

Categories: Technology