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Stonehenge & Salisbury

Stone Henge

The last time I visited Stonehenge I was about 8, but I had vague memories of it being wet, grey, a stone like visitors' building and my Dad being very impressed with the organisers leaving a bowl of water outside for the dogs. It's been several years since then and after watching Tess of the D'Urbervilles

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Left Chelmsford at 11.30am on Friday to visit Stonehenge, Abbey Square, Amesbury, Salisbury, SP4 7ES Telephone 0870 333 1181, Fax 0870 333 1181,, & Salisbury, drove for about 5 hours in bank holiday/delayed traffic, from M25/Dartford-Crossing (£1.50 toll fee for cars), took junction 12 exit onto M3 toward Basingstone/Southampton, then at junction 8 exited onto A303 towards Andover/Salisbury and after a long drive down A303 and passing the A348, we got to turn right onto A344 and you will see Stonehenge on your right as you drive up. We thought the opening hours were 10-4pm Monday to Sunday, but it turned out they were open until 7pm on Friday night. It was still wet and grey, but only guide dogs are allowed, perhaps because of the risk to the farmer's sheep. You could walk round the site for £7.80 per adult and there was no charge for car parking. The car park was busy with lots of coach partys and it was interesting to see the numbers of international visitors viewing the site. We forgot that if you are a member of New Zealand Heritage you can also visit the site free of charge.

The Welcome to Stonehenge leaflet we were given, had a brief narrative saying 'The ancient stone circule of Stonehenge is unique; an exceptional survival from a prehistoric culture now lost to us. The monument evolved between 3,000 BC and 1,600 BC. It is aligned with the midsummer sunrise and mindwinter sunset, but its exact purpose remains a mystery. Today, this World Heritage Site is a source of inspiration and fascination and, for many, a place of worship and celebration.

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