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7.30am GMT

Ok its now 8.17am GMT and I would have posted this 'live' from the 'Broom Cupboard' but unfortunately its taken this long to write my post in rough-draft. Wonder if #Kate #Adie ever had trouble with this?

Anyhow, have had trouble sleeping all night for various reasons. A) the the black-out curtains only work so much. b) the street-lamp over the street shines directly through our windows and c) I can't remember where I left my mobile phone to check what the time it could be 9pm, 10pm, 11pm, 12am, 1AM, 2AM, 3Am or 4AM but I won't know until it's 5AM and then all the alarms go off and and someone is #grumpy because they've got to #drive-them-selves #today to #work.

If I was a sleep expert I would say that someone who isn't SNORING their head off---could possible be in the stages of deep REM or light REM sleep but one small sneeze/scratch of the head in the middle of the night and SEPARATE BEDS have a lot to answer for!

For the interest of anyone in the #nocturnal #habits of #Kate #Adie #Wonderer and #Peter #Parker #Spider #Man (I have the pants for this too) Lover. Not wearing at the moment as the first I could find this #am were #Bat #Man from #ASDA (98 per cent cotton) ones....which I can not testify in Court to have been freshly washed and out of the #Lenoir #Laundry #Basket. I wonder if #Kate #Adie ( Tiananmen Square ever worried about such trivialities?

Anyway its Friday and now 8.33am!